Pappasito’s Cantina is a Mexican edition of the Pappas family empire, a chain of multiple restaurants across seven states. This particular location is on Windy Hill, in Marietta. The location is raised and a little hard to see, but is almost immediately on your right as you exit I-75 for Windy Hill. A version of Pappadeaux’s is next door. If you end up in Pappadeaux’s, the two parking lots are connected, towards the rear.

Once a year my alma mater holds its Texas Independence Day festival. This year it was in Pappasito’s. Unlike other years, it wasn’t a shared celebration, but one with just our school. Evidently we had enough attendees to manage it this time.  As a consequence this isn’t your average review. I will note for those who wonder about those things, I did see a fajita plate while leaving, and Pappasito’s uses a heavy plastic plate with a metal liner. No comal, but you can’t have everything in a busy restaurant.

We were served in the back. Plates of chips, yellow queso, and tamales were on all the tables initially, while we gathered.

After some time, trays were filled with food. Chicken, beef, sides. This was a pleasing respite, as pretty much everything but the cheese was verboten to a diabetic before this point.

The meats were quite good, tender, smoky, flavorful. I went back for seconds. The pico de gallo had to take the place of chips and tamales, so I ate heaps of it. The jalapenos were sometimes hot, sometimes not. There were not enough grilled vegetables.

Staff was around, well dressed, constantly refilling drinks. Tortillas (all flour) were  tender, steamed, fresh. The food is classic Tejano. Yellow cheese. Emphasis on meats, with the faijita as the centerpiece. The tamales were thick and full of beef. They were well received, but I didn’t think of taking photographs when I first arrived. I was trying to get my hellos in at that time.

Verdict: Classic Tex-Mex, served with some panache.

Pappasitos Cantina
2788 Windy Hill Road
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 541-6100

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