I can’t remember which show on the Food Network talked about cheese steaks as being a derivative of the steak sandwich, and ordered with the phrase “steak with”. I can’t seem to find it now. What I do know is when I lived in Philadelphia, a common hangout for my wife and I was South Street, so we might have been seen eating cheesesteaks in a place like this.  Pats, of course, is pretty well known for their steak sandwiches. A Pats cheesesteak recipe for home cooks is here. And Jersey Mike’s, a version of which is in Snellville, actually does a decent steak with.

Now if they could only pile on some of those hot cherry peppers so popular in Philadelphia. I’d be in heaven. And a soft pretzel. Can’t forget the pretzel.

Jersey Mike’s
2050 Scenic Highway
Snellville, GA 30078
(678) 344-4482

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