The waiters at Iron Age are young, male, in uniforms, and in my daughter’s eyes, kinda cute. The look of Iron Age overall leans towards stone and metal, all wrapped in smallish cubes. The large screen in front features Korean dance videos. The synchronized groups of young girls in boots on screen make for a metaphor both modern and retro. You would expect Nancy Sinatra to step off screen and be totally at home here.

It’s a wait to get into Iron Age. We tried twice, dared the wait once. It’s a smallish place, smaller than the crowds wanting to come in. Largely Asian, with a few brave souls of other ethnicities, I haven’t decided yet whether they come for the food or the hipness, the atmosphere.

The food is good. If you get their $14.95 special, you’ll get your choice of meat (either pork belly or beef brisket) and rice (steamed or fried). The food will come with salad, banchan, some dipping sauces, and some wraps. Rather  than a skillet within which they cook meat, they use an angled metal plate. It’s another visual component that adds to the eye candy of the place.

This is another eatery where there is a button to call waiters. We used it liberally this day. It’s easy to run out of meat, or dipping sauce, or the lettuce. We preferred the hot dipping sauce generally, though my daughter heartily approved of the sesame oil sauce. Of the wraps, my daughter was trying the rice wrap. I was sticking with the slices of green vegetable.

Service was good this night. I thought staff tried hard to explain how to eat there, what the purpose of this mysterious liquid was, or that item not altogether familiar. Over time we all finally slowed down our eating, watched more video, or the two young men paired by us in our semi-enclosed space.  In the end, was it worth it, the food worth the wait? By the smiles on my wife and daughter’s face, I’d say yes.

Iron Age
2131 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 334-5242

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