It was my birthday. I was looking for something new and different, yet comfortable enough that my wife could eat without any concerns. Amy on Food, no less, recommended this place to me. So after deciding the usual standbys had just been used once too often, this old recommendation occurred to me.

Getting there is easy enough. Get onto 78, drive into city, get confused several times by places you think look like the right turn, then miss Myrtle Street as your daughter calls out, “You just passed it!” Thankfully, the next block heads north too.

Parking is tricky. Our first pass at the parking lot (which is small), a single car was blocking the whole lot while trying to exit. We went a block south and turned around, only to miss two easy parking spots because of our turn. It was a bit of luck  then, that the Top Flr lot cleared by our second pass.

Inside, we waited in a narrow hallway for staff to notice us. People nearby were waiting, eating, or surfing on their Apple notebooks. To get to where we were going to sit, we had to climb up a narrow staircase to a second story room. Seating was comfortable but there wasn’t a whole lot of it.

There is a bit of lighting on tracks overhead, but not much of it. The rest of the light is provided by a single candle per table. The poor lighting led to troublesome photographs. I cleaned them up a bit but the price of doing that is loss of resolution.

Appetizers: we liked both of them. It wasn’t immediately evident the flatbread was a flatbread when we ordered it. It was popular nonetheless. The hummus was a huge hit with my wife.

Salads: The two were ordered were good.  Neither photographed very well.

Sides. Good. Kale was a lot of fun, a bit more leafy and chewy than spinach, but similar nonetheless.

The brussels sprouts were more of a casserole, but if you didn’t like the cheese much, you could pull most of it off the top.

The mac and cheese looked modest initially. Little scalloped shaped pasta were in a mild cheese sauce that at the very end become surprisingly spicy.

Entrees were mostly good. I say mostly because soy reductions are a really bad idea if you want to avoid salt, and the roasted chicken was served with a soy reduction. The lamb and duck we had were quite good. Actually, I’d call the lamb perfectly cooked, well spiced, and excellent.


lamb chops

Overall, a great birthday dinner. Service was also really good. We enjoyed ourselves, and can pretty much recommend the whole experience.

Top Flr
674 Myrtle Street
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 685-3110

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