Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring is playing on the speakers; hardly the usual in a place associated with almost fast food. We’ve come to Atlanta Bread to order sandwiches. I can’t indulge in the selection of muffins, sweetbreads, or small rolls. Bread in quantity is outside my eating habits these days. But a little bit of bread, yes.

There is a good and useful selection of sandwich options at Atlanta Bread. This day they’ve added salmon in useful ways to the menu. My daughter orders a salmon sandwich. I order a salmon fillet on a Greek salad. We take our ticket and wait for our number to be called.

They use breads creatively here. Take the bread bowl for example. It is a roundish loaf of bread into which a hole is cut and soup poured inside. As a younger man I loved having a half sandwich and a bread bowl of soup. It was a pretty common meal for me at Atlanta Bread.

The food arrives. The salmon is very pale, almost certainly farmed fish. The bowl of greens is large, the salmon tasty despite the almost white flesh. My daughter offers a bite of her sandwich. It was good, though I could have done with a little less mayo in that bite. The roll they provide gets stripped for the excellent crust. That, I think, is the signature virtue of  these bread shops, the wonderful crusts on  the breads they provide. And I can’t eat all of it, but I’m surely going to eat some.

Atlanta Bread
1708 Scenic Highway
Snellville GA 30078
(678) 344-9099

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