New and hot as can be, Peter Chang’s new eatery is a bit more approachable than many of the “it” restaurants that spring up in and around Atlanta. Less than 5 minutes off exit 22 on I-285, this restaurant is half hidden by trees and beside a small body of water on Powers Ferry Road.

Inside, it’s roomy and luxurious. Staff are dressed in white, are attentive and respectful. People greet friends with effuse hugs and squeals of joy. Men in suits play close attention to their sons, who ignore their fathers in favor of their personal cell phones.

Black ear fungus with wild pepper


The menu seems to have really inviting choices. Things like fiery lamb, or spicy fragrant duck, or smoked chicken in hot pot, seem luscious. But this day I was looking at dishes to see what my family might like. And I was thinking that chicken with three peppers in iron hot plate would fill the bill.

It comes out as flamboyantly as any plate of fajitas might, smoky and sizzling. The tastes however, are bold and rounded, rich on the tongue. Spice isn’t ignored. Peter Chang’s one pepper dishes are as hot as many two pepper dishes in this town. That said, the heat in this one enhances the flavor, as opposed to torching it away. Towards the end, flavors like cumin and coriander emerge, as if a touch of the Muslim west teases the tongue.

I tried to eat only half of this dish, and failed miserably.

I haven’t explored enough to render any kind of final verdict, but for now,  a hearty thumbs up to the new sister to Tasty China. I’ll be back, and I’m sure I’ll have my family in tow.

Peter Chang’s
6450 Powers Ferry Road
Sandy Springs, Georgia 30339

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I know I’ve linked to it above, but do yourself a favor and please read Gene Lee’s fine article on this chef. There is a continuation of our comments on Peter Chang’s restaurant here.