I’m not prone to superlatives, but this is a dish that deserves one.  Haru Ichiban (reviews here and here) is a family favorite, and we were there to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Although the main menu is the same as the last time we were there, they have added three new small menus. One is a sushi menu, another is a list of appetizers and paper hot pot specials. Among  the paper hot pot specials was a yosenabe version.

Yosenabe is one of my favorite forms of nabemono, so I had to try it. I’d never had Haru’s version before. So imagine my surprise when this comes out.

It’s a square stone, with holes in it, burning either wood or charcoal. The paper (because Americans use metal forks, instead of wooden chopsticks) is replaced with a thin metal “flower”, held in a metal mesh cup above the flames. Inside the cup – sorry, the photo cuts off the cooking mix of foods – are seafoods, greens, mushrooms, broth.

Dipping sauces and garnishes are provided.

Other than the yosenable, we tried a conch kushiyaki. It was great on the grilled edges, rich and a little burned. Otherwise, chewy, a bit like squid or octopus.

Haru has added yakisoba back to their menu, though only a vegetable or pork yakisoba. My wife ended up with her Japanese staple, tonkatsu. My daughter went for the nabeyaki udon. We added tempura and a California roll as sides.

Verdict: Haru’s new paper hot pot dishes are amazing eye candy

Haru Ichiban
3646 Satellite Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 622-4060

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