O’Charleys is a classic chain steakhouse, offering good steaks and good service at reasonable prices. It’s not a chain I frequent often, but one I keep as a reserve. I’ve had good luck here with prime rib, with chicken entrées, with dinner salads. This day I tried a burger, as a change of pace.

Rolls are served with the meal. They’re small, light and tender.

There are a series of specials at O’Charleys, including a $5.99 lunch special. I didn’t go there because the choices were too limited.

For a small additional fee I could get a side salad. I’m not sure why any chain charges more for a side salad than French fries. Lettuce just isn’t that expensive.

I asked for a medium rare burger, and received a medium rare. The top bun was crusty and delightful. The bottom bun was soaked clean through with burger juices. No matter, not like I eat the whole bun anyway.

Service was, in my opinion, very very good.

In summary, just because I don’t go here often shouldn’t stop anyone else from going here. There is very little to differentiate the mid range steakhouses. O’Charlie’s is one that has served me well in the past, and could serve you well too.

2049 Scenic Highway
Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 736-3231

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