Little Thai is on the corner of a strip mall, roughly on the southwest corner of Sandy Springs Circle and Johnson Ferry Road, in the same mall that houses Brooklyn Cafe. It’s a pretty eatery, and this elegance and grace is perhaps its best attribute.

Service is good here. The staff are both charming and quick to suggest alternatives. The menu is small but useful. There are 6 curries, not 60. There is one entry for penang curry, for example, and several options for meats.

Little Thai has a fair number of noodle dishes, and of course, coconut milk is featured prominently in the cooking. I found a dish I thought I could manage, their Ocean Seafood, a variety of seafood in a spicy basil sauce.

Though rated “two peppers”, I’d have rated it one on my personal scale. The spicing here is, as another customer noted, “spicy but not too much.” Toned down to Atlanta tastes? Perhaps, but there are worse fates than having a moderate level of spice.

I liked the staff at Little Thai. They managed to be serene, helpful, funny, graceful. If what you’re wanting is 50 minutes of serenity before heading back to the office, some good food, a chance to relax, this eatery, off  the beaten path of Sandy Springs, can deliver.

Verdict: Serene, pretty, graceful. A small set of good useful dishes. Recommended.

Little Thai
220 Sandy Springs Circle
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

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