It’s pretty and it’s serene. The World Peace Cafe is a vegetarian haven more or less across the street from Whole Foods, on the north side of Hammond near the intersection of Roswell Road. I came in the area for lunch one day, while craving Chinese. But Canton Cooks was closed, and this place seemed appealing.

Their menu doesn’t immediately let on to the vegetarian nature of the foods, as they mention peace burgers and all. But you’ll eventually get it. I had a grilled vegetable sandwich, as my luck with those is good. They tend to have plenty of umami, and tend to be filling.

The tea is quite good, but it has fruit overtones, which for me means sugars. I had one glass and switched to water.

Staff was casual and pleasant. The restaurant is built on the side of a hill and is two stories tall. If you drive onto the road behind the eatery, you’ll be parking on the upstairs side. You’ll need to go down the stairs to the lower side of the building to order. Once you do, they give you a flag and you sit until food is delivered to you.

Had to finish the book!


Verdict: Serene pretty eatery with good vegetarian sandwiches. Highly recommended.

World Peace Cafe
20 Hammond Drive, #302
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(404) 256-2100

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