“You know this is an East Coast style sandwich,” my wife said, while biting into her #8, Roasted Turkey Breast and Cheese. I asked her, how did she know? “All the fixings, the kinds, the flavors, the taste,” she replied, pointing to the black olives, the other vegetables, the oils and spices, and the generally large amounts of sandwich filling.

Earlier. while digging up information on Mc Alisters, I ran into comments about a small sandwich shop at  the corner of 5 Forks and Sugarloaf named Deli Boy. While heading to Mc Alisters, I stopped, took an outside photo – it’s just left of the Publix, and not  that easy to see – and headed on. Later, the next Saturday, I dropped by this small shop, took a look, and decided to order.

I was very glad  I did. There  are dozens of sandwiches at  this small shop. Staff was pretty casual this day – still affected by the recent snows – but helpful, and will to offer useful advice. I ended up ordering two specials, ones that featured Deli Boys home made Italian sausage. My wife wanted the #8.

There used to be a Deli-Boy in Duluth.  That one is gone now. This one has fairly limited hours, open only until 5pm. For commuters like me, the only time to really get to know this shop will be on Saturdays at lunch.

Is it worth it? If my wife’s smile were any indication, yes it is.

Verdict: Genuine East Coast style sandwiches, well done. Highly recommended.

3370 Sugarloaf Pkwy
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(678) 376-1990

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