The server has walked away and the man beside me really wants a chunk of beef. The large piece, hacked and sawed at, weighs perhaps two or three pounds. With no one there to say otherwise, he simply spears it all and plops it on his plate, walking away. A lady coming up to my side spies the action and says in a loud voice, “Cheeky!”

The Village Square Buffet is one of the many restaurants in the Horseshoe Casino, but it’s the one that is all you can eat. We’ve been eating at the Village Square Buffet for a while, or at least since Louisiana Downs began to take a turn for the worse and its food wasn’t as good a deal. How long? Is twenty years perhaps reasonable? I don’t know anymore.

Deal is, I tend to  think this buffet isn’t as exceptional as it once was. The riverboat casinos were content to let food be cheap and drive business for a time. I suspect these days they want to make money out of their restaurants. I recall inexpensive ham and egg breakfasts where the ham covered the entire plate. I recall more meats, lower cost, and a little less of this “I won’t be served so let me take it all” complex.

This day, they had some excellent salads, and terrific smoked mussels. Mussels are cheap, I know, but they’re safe for a diabetic and way high in things like omega 3 fatty acids. The desserts looked fantastic but didn’t quite taste as good as they looked.

Verdict: A Christmas tradition in my family. Not as good a deal as it once was, but still good.

Village Square Buffet
711 Horseshoe Boulevard
Bossier City, LA 71111
(318) 742-0711

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