While commuting to my  father’s this last winter, I ran past a chain in Mississippi named Mc Alister’s Deli. Thinking initially it was a small chain, I was surprised to find out it was in 22 states and in fact there was one in Lawrenceville. Despite cabin  fever I’ve managed to find that restaurant, eat there, and talk with some of the staff there.

To note, there is a substantial difference between the published menu for Mc Alister’s in Mississippi and the one in Georgia. However, I’m told almost all the items not on the Georgia menu can be made, if you will ask for them. In particular, if you’ve never had a muffuletta and are in the area of the Lawrenceville Mc Alisters, consider droppin g in and asking for one. You probably will be pleased at the results.

I’ll probably complete a formal review of Mc Alisters early next week.

While researching Mc Alister’s, I’ve heard interesting things on the web about a Lawrenceville shop called Deli Boy (near 5 Forks and Sugarloaf Parkway). Next to Deli Boy is a Loco’s Bar and Grill. I’ve eaten at a Locos, but not that one. Three interesting (enough) restaurants leads to the idea of looking at various sandwich shops, checking them out, summarizing their strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve reviewed a few sandwich shops near Snellville. I’d count places such as Paneras, Summit’s Tavern, Jen’s New York Deli, Jason’s Deli,  Applebees, Johnny’s PizzaRuby Tuesdays, and at lunch, even Gary’s Bistro as places people can go to get a good sandwich. But you might have favorites, ones I haven’t touched on here. If you have one of note, drop me a line. If we extend the scope a little bit, north to Suwanee for example, you  have to start including places such as Gourmandises in the mix!