“Best alligator I’ve ever eaten,” my brother says as the alligator bites make it to the table. They are indeed flavorful, grilled and tasty as the plate barely survives my brother and daughter. There were only the three of us that day, my wife and father sick with the flu. But we were trying to scope out some Cajun and this was not only my brother’s choice, it was one of our late mother’s favorites.

Ralph and Kacoos is a small chain and sit-down restaurant, with locations in Baton Rogue, New Orleans, and Lufkin Texas. It’s in an older, popular strip mall in Bossier City, one heavily used since I was a young boy. I had my first Baskin Robins ice cream in that mall, and it used to have a coin dealer and a Radio Shack. Perhaps it still has the Shack.

alligator bites

I found our service to be exceptionally good, and the menu a little tricky in these times. Being a diabetic means avoiding any serving of rice you can’t adequately gauge by eye, or in general, avoiding any unmeasurable carbs. I wanted to try some of their soups, and so rice was unavoidable. But Ralph and Kacoos had fish, and with the fish you could get vegetables. That’s the route I went this day.

crawfish, fries, and étouffée


Fish smothered in étouffée.

We had oysters, fresh and good, as well as the alligator bites. Hush puppies came with the meal; I had a bite of part of one. My daughter and brother had a crawfish and étouffée dish, served with fries. Everything was good, though we initially caught a bad batch of rice. We mentioned this to staff, and it was replaced without issue.

Verdict: An old warhorse of a Cajun eatery, still going strong after decades. Good food, great staff.

Ralph and Kacoos
1700 Old Minden Road #141
Bossier City, LA 71111
(318) 747-6660

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