If you’re in the States, have a climate similar to that in ATL, and are in any sense interested in peppers such as the boonie, it’s time to start thinking about how to get seeds, germinate those seeds, and prep the plants to be ready for the spring thaw. My recollection after two seasons of working with boonies is that the ideal germination time for them in a Hardiness Zone such as 7a or 7b is about mid January.

You would germinate them inside of course. A heating strip markedly increases germination rate. With lights set up for the big boonie, once they sprout I can set up the small plants alongside the big ones using soda bottle greenhouses. Once they are big enough and the outside low gets substantially above 40 degrees fahrenheit, they can go outside.

I may do some tomatoes at the same  time. I have a yellow fruiting tomato variety that germinated well from seed, but didn’t like my local soil.  If, instead, we pot them, as we did last year, we should get markedly superior results.