It’s a red building, seen on your right as you head north on highway 69. It’s not the easiest to get to, nor the easiest to find parking for, though signs for parking exist and eventually will get you to the right spot. It is small, the converted house, and the size is the eventual cause of our misfortunes here, because being small and also being popular create unique issues for any eatery.

We came here for breakfast. Waysider serves a variety of breakfast items. There are good looking pancakes, good buttery biscuits, excellent buttery grits. Rich starchy foods abound. The Paula Deen axiom, “You can never have too much butter,” is in play here. Walls, like so many Tuscaloosa eateries, are covered with Bear Bryant and Alabama football memorabilia. There aren’t many staffers but they constantly move, remaking the  eatery for every new family, or group that eats here. Groups of eaters often exceed a dozen in a party.

Good juice, tiny glasses of it.


The only plate of food that came as we ordered it.

I had ordered steak and eggs.

Hash browns missing here.

Our issue with Waysider is a little exceptional, and a product of the need to feed many mouths. Our waitress didn’t get our order accurately, and to be plain, she goofed big time. I had hardly half the food I wanted, and big portions of my wife’s order were simply skipped. So much of it was missing I simply assumed that it was coming on a separate set of plates. Now, in 99% of other establishments, this gets fixed. But not in the Waysider.

When I finally told our waitress that there was a problem with the order, staff came out of the kitchen and in a loud voice exclaimed


At  that, we decided the best approach was to pay our bill and leave.

I just have a few more words to add to this. Our situation was unusual, but the actions were not hard to understand, given the crowd of eaters behind us. That said, the actions were hardly “Southern Hospitality”. In fact, we were treated quite harshly, the worst treatment I’ve suffered in my nearly 2 years of food blogging. This isn’t a failure of the waitress, or the staff. This is a wholesale management failure. Management has to step in and fix this, or decide if they want a reputation for ruthlessness  in dealing with customers to dog them the rest of their days.

Verdict: Good food. Staff is broken, literally. Recommend as long as they can get your order right.

1512 Greensboro Ave
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
(205) 345-8239

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