Village Burger is a smaller restaurant near the corner of Chamblee Dunwoody and Mount Vernon Road, behind the Fresh Market. It sits in a building all to itself. On each side of the building is cloth covered seating so that people could sit outside and not be exposed to the elements. Inside, people line up in front of a counter, make orders, and are handed numbered laminated cards. You sit, and the food comes to you.

This day there were young men in sweats, older men in business suits squinting at newspapers, young ladies in fur lined boots, people blowing into their hands as they waited. The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” played from speakers hanging from the roof. The menu was provided on a stack of laminated cards. The menu was also available on a blackboard behind the counter register. To the left of the line was a chalkboard with daily specials. The place offered burgers, hot dogs, salads, sodas, ice creams (with toppings and mixins).  Seating inside is either at one of their pretty wooden tables (seating 2, or perhaps 4), or their stools, made from barrels cut in half and covered with leather.

The Village Burger is their 2 patty burger, a large burger with plenty of juicy gray beef. You can customize it however you wish, and it usually comes with fries. I’m not a fry eater so I added a salad instead. The Village Burger’s heft, small and compact, reminds me a bit of the Five Guys burger, as both are balls of meat and bun. But that’s where the similarities end.

The ambience of Village Burger is totally different from the environs of a Five Guys. Village Burger is clearly a small shop labor of love. Five Guys is, by contrast, plastic, commercial, chain-like. Five Guys is a place to eat, whereas Village Burger is a place to linger, listen to the music, check out the clippings on the wall, read a newspaper while eating. It’s the kind of small owner, small shop experience that food bloggers should point out. Metaphorically, it’s the difference between whipped cream, and Kool Whip.

Verdict: A real small shop burger experience, with a fine burger. Highly recommended.

Note: This will be the 300th Atlanta review as counted by Urbanspoon on this blog.

Village Burger
1426 Dunwoody Village Parkway
Dunwoody, GA 30338
(770) 522-1600

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