I’ve canned my 300th post, 300 Atlanta reviews as counted by Urbanspoon. The new post will be published tomorrow. Since this is an accomplishment I’m happy to have achieved, I  thought I’d take a brief moment to give a bit of advice to the newer bloggers in this game, the ones who seem to have suddenly discovered Urban Spoon and are pushing reviews out onto the “Internets”. I really only have three pieces of advice:

1. Be yourself. If you are yourself, you’ll be true to an audience who are like you. Find places you like, talk about places you enjoy eating. Yes, there are places you have to review, but do them and keep scouring the landscape for “gems” of eateries.

2. Be readable. Get rid of the run on sentences, check your spelling, clean up your prose. Sentence fragments do not make for great food reviews. This link is good if you need accent marks in your blog articles. Googling “entree merriam-webster” can show you how to write entrée.

3. Find good lighting. Great lighting makes for great food photos. A good photo almost makes up for lousy prose.