Chicken 65 is a dish in much the same category as the French fry: an unhealthy concoction of twice fried foods dipped in a batter, best when piping hot. It’s also really good when hot, and doesn’t really make the best leftovers. The origin of the name is lost; all anyone has are suggestions, such as the age of the chicken to use (65 days) or that perhaps it was the 65th item on a famous restaurants long lost menu. The red color isn’t native to the dish. It comes from food coloring added. There are a number of ways to prepare it. Some fry once, others fry twice. All dip their chicken in a marinade and prep the chicken for a few hours to a day in advance.

How did this start? I  tweeted that I liked the dish. Malika Harrichan replied.  So I suggested a crawl, Malika thought  it a great idea, and so here we are, planning to run around the city of Atlanta chasing something as substantial as, well, a French Fry.

Using Google, Zyka seems an interesting place to start. I’ve had all my exposure to chicken 65 at Mughals in Norcross. I’d like a bit more variety than the restaurants along Scott in Decatur, and a single isolated shop in Norcross near Tucker. So I’m just opening the blog to discussions, to possible places to find the best, most piping hot straight-off-the-fryer chicken 65 in the city.