Willy’s was just there. I had finished shopping, I needed something to eat before arriving at work and it was there. So I smiled at the “Loved by Yelp” sticker and walked inside.

What was there: a line. There was a choice of foods on a wall menu, started by a selection of burritos. I can’t really eat the modern overstuffed burrito, too much rice and too many beans. So, it was tacos then. I went up front and ordered three of them, a pork, a beef, and a chicken taco. To go, please. No beans on the tacos, please.

After choosing meats, I was able to choose toppings. Nice touch, this. They had a pile of tomato squares (or was it pico de gallo), good looking lettuce, some cheese. An impressively sized Hispanic server also offered jalapenos, which I gratefully accepted. Price was reasonable given the location. I paid less than $3.00 each for each of the tacos.

The best was the grilled chicken taco (mislabeled pork). In it you could  taste grilled meat. Overall, they were good tacos, better than any I could get from a California chain, and cheaper than the sit down taco places. Not as good as the better mom n’ pop taquerias, but clean and reliable in the way of chains, and probably more conveniently located. I could easily see coming back here some day.

Verdict: Good chain with cut above the average tacos, and plenty of choice in how they are made. Recommended.

Willy’s Mexicana Grill
1100 Hammond Drive
Atlanta, GA 30328

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