It’s good; it may be very good. It’s Kosher. It’s overwhelmingly vegetarian. OU for U is a shop found in an ‘L’ shaped strip mall on the southeast corner of Hammond and Peachtree-Dunwoody, a location I drive by often. In my mind I had this place located far closer to Hammond at Roswell, so I just kept driving past. That’s not a mistake I’ll be making any more.

The salads are large and filling. The sandwiches are big, hearty, served on a hard crusted bread that I found delightful. The roasted vegetables, the fillings in their “club” sandwich were fine: cheese, mushrooms and eggplant providing plenty of umami. I’m looking forward to a day when they haven’t run out of filling for their “roasted vegetable” sandwich.

It’s not much to look at from the outside, but the lack of pretense and the flavor make it a keeper.

I’m really happy I finally located this place!

OU for U Cafe
1155 Hammond Drive
Atlanta, GA 30328
(770) 396-5533

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