I log onto the blogs after a 20 hour work day followed by a Saturday morning work scrum (DR tests), and note that BuHi is starting up a venture with Beth Robinette called Atlanta Culinary Tours. This was a trend you could almost see coming, if you followed his blog and his increasing interest in being the entry point for good food to the masses. Being a professional ambassador of good food isn’t a bad place to be.

It’s certainly not unheard of in the blogging community. Jimmy of Eat It Atlanta writes professionally about wine. Hardy, of course, took his wine love and turned it into a job. Gene Lee is an ethnic food writer for the AJC these days and so it behooves me to ask, just how many amateurs are now left in this blogging game, and how many are just professionals, with the blog as a kind of excursion, a fond memory of the past?

I’m clearly an amateur. I don’t post an email address on the blog. I’ve always wanted to walk into a place, get my impression, pay my dollars and go. I was strongly influenced in the beginning by Chloe, of Chow Down Atlanta, and the “mission statement” on her blog. That just seemed like the right way to do things. In one sense, I’ve always felt I was the “average Joe” she says she’s writing for, just one that talks about what he eats.

Some things are lost in the amateur to pro translation. I don’t like it when Gene’s nuanced commentary is shoveled into a creativity sucking 1 to 5 star rating system. Tell us about the food, give us the vivid impressions, forget the stars. Point systems are about as meaningful as the Dead Alewives‘ “knife +9 versus ogres”, or saying that Tom Brady is a “9” quarterback, instead of a “10”.