Tin Can Fish House is a relatively new offering by the same people who brought us Teela Taqueria, and it’s pretty much next door to the Taqueria. When I came, on a recent afternoon, the door between  the two was open and people with Taqueria T shirts mingled easily in the seafood restaurant. It’s light, breezy, easy on the eyes, and has hours that make my eating easy. Unlike so many restaurants in Sandy Springs, you can get a meal at 3 pm and I’m living on a four meal a day plan these days.

They have some good looking entrées, about five different kinds of oysters, but the menu item that attracted my eye were their mussels. Highly recommended were the Thai mussels. I worried a bit about the coconut milk – it has some sweetness – but not overly much. Not as if I don’t have milk in the morning with my cereal.

The mussels are good looking and they taste good as well. The Thai flavoring has overtones of the coconut milk curries from Thai cuisine. If you’re a fan of masaman curries I suspect you’ll like Tin Can’s Thai mussels. I also had a bit of their seafood stew, which also was good.

They have a lot of food under $10, and the entrées run $13. It’s relatively easy to get to, once you figure out the route, but my recommendation is you grab the map off Urbanspoon if you’ve never been there before.  I found staff to really know their stuff, to be engaging and talkative about their food. This isn’t usual, and I liked it, that and the atmosphere that resembled a Florida beach bar. You can have some good food, talk to folks about the food you’re eating, and not feel that you’re still in the office,  or have to wear a 3 piece suit to slurp down some oysters or devour a pot of mussels.

Verdict: Informal and good. Excellent staff. Very highly recommended.

Tin Can Fish House and Oyster Bar
227 Sandy Springs Place
Suite 502
Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328
(404) 497-9997

Tin Can Fish House and Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon