BB’s is a mom and pop place perhaps three blocks north of the intersection of Medlock Bridge and State Bridge Road, a pretty brick eatery on the corner of a strip mall. My wife was wanting to shop at Whole Foods, but had to eat first. We ended up here.

Nice design and a clean look give it a very family friendly ambiance. To order, you pick up a clipboard and circle the  things you want on your sandwich (or with your sandwich). Beef, chicken, salmon, bison are among the many possibilities. Essentially, it’s a build  your own burger setup.

It’s all  good. A little slow but good. Pricey as well, as feeding the three of us ran about 40 dollars. But hey, with salmon burgers and bison burgers to order,  and good sized burgers at that, perhaps its worth paying for the extra time and effort.

B.B.’s Best Burgers
10475 Medlock Bridge Road
Duluth, GA 30097
(770) 813-3274

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