Roughly 18 months ago I started this blog. I was wanting to talk about food, though at the time I was at least as driven by my cooking experiments as I was eating out. The cooking has waned, replaced more by a curiosity about places to eat. A good camera has helped. Pictures can carry a lot of information that written words cannot. Finding good restaurants has been a delight, and running into interesting readers and bloggers a pleasant surprise.

Clams and bitter melon from a "Great Wall" cafeteria.

Mussels from Man Chun Hong

About six months ago, I became ill and was hospitalized. I came out diagnosed with diabetes and gout. I had a choice: I could eat what I wanted and die, or eat properly and exercise a bit and live a long full life. Currently, my weight is fluctuating between 182 and 184 pounds. My size 36 pants are about two inches too big for me. My physician has said I don’t need to lose any more weight, but I’d still like to hit 180. Set a goal, meet a goal.

Alaskan sockeye salmon, a big part of my diet.

Wild blackberries.

I’m just curious how many people with two chronic eating diseases managed to keep a blog going while losing 80 or so pounds.

Ironically, though food is one of the best reasons for people to meet and engage in fellowship, there are some people who think otherwise. A certain hate mailer has a form mail that looks and goes something like this:

Dear FnS,

Why do you call your blog “Food Near Snellville” when you seem to be eating in other locations? What is wrong with you? You are a (proceed into general insults). I will never read your blog ever again.


I lied about my email address.

To answer a couple questions:

(1) I eat other places too, and like to talk about it. So does Eat Buford Highway and Eat it Atlanta. Are you saying I can’t do what every Atlantan blogger does? Why am I being held to this peculiar standard that no blogger in his right mind follows?

(2) The unique character of the two words “Food” and “Snellville” makes my articles easy to search for. Try Googling a restaurant sometime and my title. Works really well, and I don’t have to fight the 100,000 businesses that call themselves East Atlanta or Northeast Atlanta (whatever).

(3) Why is it now that I’ve received 3-4 hate mails from you, each claiming that you’re never going to read me again? Have this love-hate thing going, huh?

And to the 99% of you that do get it, that understand that food exists to bring people together, rather than be an excuse to be a jerk, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s been a pleasure engaging in this slow, leisurely conversation with you all.