Las Tortas Locas is on the east side of Roswell Road, in a little strip mall a bit north of the 285 intersection. The parking lot is cramped, hard to get into, or out of. The lot itself tends to be quite full, and the restaurant, around lunch, had plenty of people inside. It’s a chain of at least 7 restaurants, and the chain has been touched on by the ever present Chloe, in a fine review on Chow Down Atlanta.

I had never been there. It wouldn’t have even been on my radar had I not gotten lost looking for someplace else, grown tired, seen the eatery and then recalled that Barney was interested. I had followed his interest on Urban Spoon, read Wes’s review, thought at the time that the eatery looked good and then forgotten it. Getting lost and being hungry was a great motivator, however.

Inside, there were maybe a dozen tables, a counter front, and then a glass faced area where you can watch people cook. The sandwiches look simply enormous when being prepared. I ordered a Michoacana (pork) sandwich, probably really wanting their Pastor con Queso. Hey, I can try it again some other time. The sandwiches are inexpensive, less than $6, typically. Tacos here run $1.99 each.

The sandwich was large enough I took it back to work, and finished it off around 3pm. I eat 4 small meals a day these days, and this thing was easily two meals. Better when warm, though.

They have a salsa bar, with a good spicy red and a decent salsa verde. Onions were there; the pico de gallo was completely emptied.

In general the place seems a good value. Large sandwiches with spicy meats and plenty of bread leave lots of room for big appetites. There were foods other than the tortas and tacos. The take out menu has items such as flautas, quesadillas, burritos, and huaraches. There are plenty of lunch specials under $5.00 as well.

Prices are competitive with the mom n’ pop taquerias.

Las Tortas Locas
5841 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(404) 844-4445

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