I’m having a bit of writer’s block. I have enough information to do three restaurant reviews at least, but when I look at my screen, I just can’t write a review these days.

Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, cashews. If you haven’t checked out how they are grown and harvested, you should. It’s another food that amazes me. How did anyone figure out you could eat these things? I’m half of the belief it comes from the nature of man: to put anything into his mouth to see if it is edible. That’s the only way I can explain (other than hunger, which is a powerful motivator) how we eat so many of the things we eat.

I really like the taste of cashews, and pre-diet, I could demolish a can of these in about 1-2 days. These days:

6 cashews is a fat exchange. I can have 4-6 fat exchanges total in a day (more if I miss a meal and need to replace lost carbs). In that I’d also like some olive oil (or olives), flax seed oil, pecans, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and maybe a bit of peanut butter every now and then. To note, this serving of cashews has almost no omega-3 fatty acids and a nice whole gram of omega 6 fatty acids.

The profile is pretty similar to that of the almond.