Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries is a small chain, about 7 locations total, with one in Atlanta. I dropped by recently for a visit. Pretty, with brightly colored walls, the art styling is definitely eye catching. And this is one chain that’s trying to catch onto the grass feed beef craze by advertising “grass fed cattle”. I’m not sure if the phrase “grass fed cattle” has the same legal requirements as the term “grass fed beef”.

In fact I get that same kind of vibe in the language throughout. As good as the place might look, the copy on the walls here reads like a hard sell, with language that just doesn’t feel right. Salesman talk, to be plain. Nicely done salesman talk, but it brings back memories of being chiseled into loans at 5% more interest than I should have been paying. It’s kind of sad, because the place is exceptionally friendly; the staff walked my order to my table once it was completed.

The burgers come in a single and a double. Meat is pretty much gray, but a juicy gray. I suspect if this place lived on Howell Mill Road, some of the food bloggers would be howling about how it doesn’t measure up to the burgers served by Zeus at Olympus Burger, but its not, so they ignore it. Couldn’t try the fries really, not with my health issues. Loved the burger though, liked the smaller size burger that allows me to eat without cutting the burger in two.

Verdict: Pretty chain restaurant with good, not great burgers. Friendly, accommodating staff. Recommended.

Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries
975 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(404) 287-0154

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