The first thing that needs to be published is a photo of the first three red boonies of the 2010 season. We never got red ones in 2009; they started way too late.

Otherwise, my fascination with omega-3 concentrations and eggs led me to buy this at Kroger. It’s certainly not the sexy goodness of fresh from farm free range eggs, but pretty good for something store bought.

My only concern is that if you fry these eggs, won’t you be destroying all those omega 3s? Omega-3s are known not to be cooking oils. Fried mackerel has essentially no omega-3s, when mackerel is a rich omega-3 source from the can. Also, a cursory comparison on Nutrition Data suggests very different omega-3/omega-6 profiles between fried and boiled eggs.

Eh. That’s a worry about it later question.