Jimmy, of Eat It Atlanta, suggested that Clay’s wings, of Clay’s Sports Cafe, were good. I’m here to say I tried them and yes, they are.

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Maya Fresh Grill now has a menu. It’s a good looking menu, with an enticing list of smaller items. Things like takkos, quesadillas, salads, and more regional ethnic fare dot the menu. I had their rainbow salad, which was delicious. So I have to say to foodies in the Snellville area, and perhaps Chloe (if she trends out this far east): go now. Go before this place changes. It’s delightful right now, with owners in love with their craft. And if my experiences with gifted small owners is any indication, often a restaurant will grow popular and the owner disappears, or the restaurant dies and the owner is no longer around. So go. This place is worth a stop on the way from Snellville into Duluth.

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