Maya Fresh Grill is a restaurant I’ve spoken of before, because signs of the eatery opening have been around on Pleasant Hill for what has seemed like a year. Even now, with the OPEN sign lit in the window, they are so new they don’t even have a menu yet. Guillermo and Jehosaphat are offering a couple items for now, and promising a menu come this Monday. In the meantime, they quite open to suggestions.

The iconography of Maya has always been eye catching. This speaks of the pair’s background as graphics designers, working for a variety of businesses in the Atlanta metro area. The inside has art and graphic themes that reflect this interest in their “day job”; the walls have interesting mask art and pretty colors and graphics. But right now the restaurant is still a work in progress.

That said, I ate there recently and ended up talking to the pair quite a bit afterwards. They are the classic enthusiast, a sort often encountered in Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. They are charming, pleasant, well spoken, and full of joy at the opening of the eatery.

The food: I had a burger, of a kind later described as common where Jehosaphat was raised. Not just beef, there was a slice of ham on the meat, slices of avocado and what looked like a mix of mayo and mustard. It was good, a thick bun gracing the meat, and the flavor combination reminiscent of milanesa steak. Accompanying the burger were some chips (fried in the store) and a good pico de gallo.

Verdict: Promising, but still a work in progress. Drop by if developing eateries are your cup of tea.

Maya Fresh Grill
960 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite A
Lawrenceville GA 30044

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