Clay’s Sports Cafe is a small inconspicuous bar, easily missed, on Roswell Road. Several booths and a few tables fill a tiny space in a cramped small strip mall along Roswell Road. The quality of the seating is modest. 2-3 televisions dot the area, perhaps 2 people were working when I arrived. Sometimes, though, size doesn’t matter, nor do expensive, trendy ingredients. All that matters are deft culinary skills with the means at hand.

Staff here are open and up front about their opinions. When I mentioned I wanted a burger, I was told that it was good, but that it came on a hoagie roll and it would take 20 minutes to prepare. When I tried to order a salad, I was steered to Clay’s “small”. “The large one is huge,” I was told.

The small salad, which came out quickly, was indeed a generous bed of crunchy romaine. No, hardly the organic baby lettuce of Farm Burger or Yeah!, but crisp and pleasing. The salad made the time to the burger seem very short.

The burger looks a little plain, but there is a ton of taste in this modest looking bit of meat. Juicy and flavorful, I ate half of it and doggie bagged the rest. People at work talk about Clay’s, and they do so in terms that are genuinely respectful. In terms of flavor bang for the buck, it’s an exceptional little eatery.

Verdict: Plain looking store that serves simple foods made extremely well. Highly recommended.

Clay’s Sports Cafe
6518 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30328-3168
(404) 843-1233

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