I’ve been flirting with this weight for a while. I weighed exactly 200.0 at BuHi’s 3rd get together and I had my third reading under 200 pounds. If I can maintain this until my next doctor’s appointment, there is a fighting chance I get to be drug free, free of diabetes drugs, free of cholesterol meds, free of high blood pressure meds. That’s what all the pain of dieting has been about. 180 is my target weight. Perhaps by the end of the year? Fingers are crossed.

Side effects: I seem more sensitive to carbohydrates these days. If I eat the same amount of carbs that I did when I began this diet, I get larger systematic raises in blood glucose levels. Instead of eating 30-40 grams of carbs a meal, I seem to be trending into the 20-30g carbs a meal range, because it seems more comfortable to do so. This isn’t unusual, I’m told. The fewer carbs you eat, the more sensitive to carbs you become.

One tip: I get my best systematic losses when I eat appropriately and then walk, burning at least 150 calories when I do (or so says my walker). It’s better when I exceed 300, but that doesn’t happen every day. You can figure your appropriate target calorie levels by using the BMI calculator on the Web MD site (link on the right of my blog).