Yeah! Burger is another higher end burger restaurant in the city, on Howell Mill Road and thus pretty much at ground zero of foodie attention. Not all of the attention has been positive. A lot of people have homed in on the often well-done meat, and the relative lack of fats in the grass fed bison and beef. Others simply withhold an opinion, perhaps waiting for the eatery to get its legs under itself. I don’t review restaurants I don’t like, so I have to take a stand and say that I liked what I ate. I also don’t know what all the reticence is about.

There is nothing wrong with saying something is good, but that you like something else better. I’d say in this case that Flip Burger Boutique is more openly creative and that I liked Farm Burger better. But Yeah! has advantages the other two restaurants do not. For one, it’s roomier than Flip. Large tables and plenty of space between them creates an easier place to be and eat. And Yeah! Burger is far more portable and expandable a concept than those two. The whole versatile flow chart menu fits on one page, and since they only cook meat till its gray, there isn’t any need for chefs, is there? A short order cook will do.

Since Yeah! Burger is clearly a commercially aimed venture, focused on becoming a chain, the more appropriate comparisons would be to the higher end chain joints, places like Ted’s Montana Grill and Red Robin. And compared to these two, Yeah is substantially cheaper and simpler. That said, I like Ted’s bison burger more than the one I had at Yeah Burger, since I can get a Ted’s burger cooked to order. Again, well done is hardly the end of the world for fast food. Five Guys gets away with gray meat and no one puts up a peep.

My take was that eating a Yeah! Burger was a three part experience. At first – I had a bison burger, with swiss, greens of all kinds, and some jalapenos – was the wild flavor of the meat, the fat of the cheese, the crunch of nice greens and a really good bun. Midway, it was the meat that began to seem a little flat and dry. Towards the end, the jalapenos began to assert themselves, as they weren’t pickled but the real deal. The finish of the burger was nicely spicy.

I had a salad. Good greens, a little heavy with the lemon vinaigrette. Still, better ingredients than the typical chain. If Yeah! expanded into Snellville, say on 124 to replace the now closed Fuddruckers, I wouldn’t have any complaints at all.

Verdict: Despite well done meat, the simplicity of this eatery suggests this one will expand. Recommended.

Yeah! Burger
1168 Howell Mill Road, Suite E
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 496-4393

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