A large pan-Asian supermarket, with a focus on Chinese goods, Great Wall is on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, roughly opposite On the Border and the Pleasant Hill Barnes and Noble. I’ve had some trouble finding it, but I got enough hints at BuHi’s 3rd get together to find the place. The easiest approach, while heading west from I-85, is to turn right at the intersection where you normally would enter the OTB/B&N area via turning left.

The presence of Great Wall is waking up the sleepy Gwinnett Prado. A Cafe Mozart has parked itself nearby and a Korean Tofu House is beginning to take over an abandoned martial arts center. There are streamers and a big “Grand Opening” sign; but that may remain for weeks (the one by Sushi Avenue in Snellville has been up almost a year).

When you enter there are a row of eateries on the left and groceries on the right. Great Wall has generously wide aisles. There is none of this cramped elbowing you might find in other stores. We came twice on this day, once in the morning and then in the early afternoon. There were many more Asian customers in the early hours. Later was more ethnically diverse, and far more groups of people in shorts.

I liked the neat way the produce is laid out, the well written signs. You know what you’re buying, more so than other international markets. Rice is cheap here. It was nice to see a 50 pound bag of rice for 25 dollars. I thought that kind of pricing had gone away. Canned meats and fish were also exceptionally inexpensive. Beef, on the other hand, is pricier than the International Markets.

If you want the more interesting cuts of pork, such as ears, and feet, this place has offal in a bewildering array of forms. Near the meats, ladies had set up booths, tempting people with cooked samples of dumplings of various kinds.

This being a supermarket, taking pictures inside is the kind of thing that will earn you a long conversation with a market manager. I managed to get only one shot inside, that of quail eggs. But rest assured, this market is big and unique, and I suspect we’ll be hearing more, as opposed to less about it over time.

Great Wall Supermarket
2300 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite B6
Duluth GA 30096