OK Cafe is a diabetic friendly establishment. It has a lot of food whose serving size is reasonable. There are plenty of burgers and sandwiches. There are a good selection of vegetables and a good vegetable plate. It is a good place for a diabetic for many of the same reasons Jimmy of Eat It Atlanta dubbed it a mediocrity. You know what’s on the menu. It’s familiar stuff. Nothing exotic, nothing to creep into your food, such as a orange-honey marinade that could ruin your appetite or your blood sugars.

That said, it’s nothing like the host of diners in town that are thinly disguised Greek delis. The menu is original, the place full of eye candy. The red and white outside is eye catching. Combined with the yellow of the tables and white and blue uniforms of staff, it makes for a place painted out of primary colors, the palette stolen from Dick Tracy.

I came at about 3pm, for the third of the four meals I eat every day. I was looking for cooked vegetables and I was thinking maybe the salmon plate. But the price on the menu was about $2.00 higher than the price on the web site, and on the menu I spotted a salmon burger. Salmon burger. That sounded good, so I got the burger and a vegetable plate.

The burger was good looking. Great bread, though the salmon was a croquette, so had some carbs. I only ate about half my bun, to compensate a bit. The vegetables were mostly good. The collards were spot on. Green beans were cooked in the southern style. My one bite of corn bread was good. The cabbage was surprisingly tasty. Only the broccoli was a “fail”. Bland and tasteless, I’d have had more collards or cabbage had I known.

I have to get my family here some time. They’ll be delighted with the place.

Verdict: Original look, largely good food, diabetic friendly. Highly recommended.

Ok Cafe
1284 West Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30327
(404) 233-2888

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