I’ve talked to my family about going to Community Q BBQ a number of times, for the most part without success. But on the weekend of the 4th my wife had a serious urge for barbecued ribs. She was working on some old boxes, getting rid of things and just wanted take out. I had called Community Q on the 4th; by the time I called they had closed. This time, the 5th of July, I called earlier and about the first thing I was told is that they were going to run out of meat by around 6:30pm. O-kay.

I cleaned up, asked my wife what she wanted and ordered (my daughter wanted Indian. Thankfully, Bhojanic was next door). I told them I’d arrive at 6:00pm and that’s really about the time I arrived. I then waited to pick up some lamb curry for my daughter and headed home. Since I’m judging a restaurant on take out, it’s not going to be a meal that I compare to anyone else in town. It’s a long drive back from Decatur to Snellville.

While at the restaurant, the music was blues, with a driving beat, and some of the patrons were dancing when I arrived. The line was short, and elements of “community” seemed in place. They’re selling produce at present, along with food. You can get fresh tomatoes and pastured eggs at Community Q. You can also get knives and scissors sharpened, if you’ll drop them off. Not the usual, to be sure.

Half rack of ribs

The bag the meats came in was well secured. Sauces were placed in containers on the side. We got collards, cole slaw, and baked beans. I liked the collards a lot, and ended up eating both servings, along with the slaw. My wife was a little indifferent to the beans, which she described as syrupy. The meats were a different story. We had ordered brisket and ribs. Both were good meats. The brisket was exceptionally tender. Ribs were good. Both were smoked, and you could smell and taste the smoke, even after a long drive home. Smoked meats to me are the difference between “okay” and “really good” in the barbecue world, so we were quite happy.

Now I have to talk my family into actually showing up at Community Q.

Verdict: At the very least, above average smoked meats with good sides. Highly recommended.

Community Q BBQ
1361 Clairmont Road
Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 633-2080

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