Marlow’s Tavern is a small Atlanta area chain, with 6 restaurants in the nearby area. There is one in Duluth, just off the Sugarloaf Parkway exit at I-85 and a little north of the junction between Satellite Boulevard and Sugarloaf. It’s on the right as you head north on Satellite Boulevard, up on a hill.

There was a bit of a party outside when I got there, a group of about ten to twelve that knew one another. The building, both inside and outside, is elegant and sophisticated. Once inside, seating was nice, the menus were styled in a more long than wide fashion. But it’s still a bar, even if they have a wine menu, and the wine racks are easily visible from table seating.

Marlow’s has an online menu, and I had tagged the lamb burger before I even arrived. After talking with my waiter, I got the fries swapped for some salad and sat and waited. Two businessmen sat next to me, talking about their business trips to China and Thailand. Seating is so close you will be sharing in the conversations of your neighbors.

The burger was thick and juicy. The lamb tasted like lamb, as opposed to generic mystery meat, and was a medium rare burger, as I requested. The greens were fresh. Service was excellent, tag teamed, and fairly constant. The burger was a little pricey, but not that much more expensive than a nicer selection at Ted’s Montana Grill. What you get for your extra couple bucks is a graceful place to sit, some televisions and that constant, excellent service.

To note, though I’m focusing on the burgerness of the place, what people like about it could be summarized by a comment by “SuwaneeGuy” on Urbanspoon. He says of Marlow’s:

A little more inventive and tastier than other bar/grill, taverns.

So if you think you’re getting trapped in a place that doesn’t serve entrées, please think again. I’m on a diet and I ate to that diet this day. If you want a salmon steak, they’re more than capable of delivering.

Verdict: Pretty place for an after work meal. Excellent burgers, excellent service.  Highly Recommended.

Marlow’s Tavern
1950 Satellite Boulevard
Duluth, GA 30097

Marlow's Tavern on Urbanspoon