I get up this morning, and my weight is, in shorts and socks, 209.9 pounds. I try to recall the last time I weighed so little and I realize that it was the first time I actually gained weight. I moved to Philadelphia to work at the University of Pennsylvania and I went from 180ish to 220ish, a 30something metabolic change that runs in the family. That was 1989-1990. I haven’t been this light in over 20 years.

My wife, once again told me my pants look too large for me so I put on a lower size in Wall Mart, just to see. Relaxed fit jeans, but they largely fit.

I’m having trouble buying belts. It seems I need a belt 2 inches larger than the corresponding pants size to actually fit.

If I make it to 200 my doctor told me I’d be off all diabetes medications, and treating it purely with diet and exercise. Same for the Niaspam I had been taking for cholesterol issues. And perhaps, I lose the Lisinopril as well. At that point, I’d be down to Allopurinol for the gout and a baby aspirin. 180, my ultimate goal, is my high school weight.