Anthony Bourdain has a new book, called “Medium Raw”. I bought it pretty much immediately through Amazon after reading the Washington Post review online, and it arrived the next day. I’m perhaps a third of the way through it, and it’s wry, funny, well written. I was laughing out loud as I was paging through it.

The second edition of the Snellville Farmer’s Market started up, with a lot more produce and a lot more shoppers. One nice thing to see were police directing traffic. It made the whole situation a lot more controlled than the previous week.

There were people making music and dancing to the same

and there  were a lot more vendors of produce. I bought quite a bit of produce from Dillwood Farms, in Loganville. They had leafy vegetables and talked me into trying squash flowers (delicate in flavor).

And I was very glad to see White Tail Farms there. I had done business with them in Norcross, buying eggs. The number of people leaving with a dozen eggs as I approached City Hall was pretty impressive.

Finally, I ran into Mike Stock of 285 Foodies. I think we’ve made irregular plans for perhaps 2 months to get together, and we met in a Farmer’s Market when we thought we’d not be able to run into each other. Nice fella, with a very nice camera. I’ll end with a series of uncommented photos, in which I may have found a painter or two, but can’t be sure if any of them is Darla, of Snellville Eats.

Final photo is my 3pm meal, care of a broken Hoover vacuum cleaner  (for which I had to fetch parts) and Royal Tofu House (on the way to the parts).