For those wanting a boonie pepper update: my one living plant is in good shape, the rest didn’t survive the winter and my illnesses. I’ve had far better luck with potted tomatoes and one pair now requires a cylinder of rabbit wire to stand upright.

On Pleasant Hill, in the location of the old Corky’s, a new Chinese restaurant is being constructed. It would be nice to have some of the empty restaurants in that area of Pleasant Hill occupied.

I went to the doctor and my hemoglobin A1C was 5.3%. I’ve seen people get lower A1C six months after diagnosis, but not at three months. My doctor is cutting the dose of my cholesterol meds in half, and also my diabetes medications as well. We’ll see how that goes. I’d rather have good numbers than be totally med free and have mediocre blood glucose numbers.

The pants I bought less than a month ago are getting large on me.

A quick trip to the U.S.S. Vallarta, a seafood stall in the GP Mall Food court, rounded up these ceviche tostadas. I thought they were pretty good, myself.

To help round out my diet, I’ve been looking for new sources of canned small oily fish. One intriguing source is Vital Choice, in Washington state. They’re not cheap, but you can get canned salmon pretty much the way you want it. If you want king salmon steaks, the best of the Pacific salmon, they can provide those as well. I’ve purchased canned salmon and canned mackerel from this vendor, as well as these salmon sausages: