The Atlanta State Farmer’s Market occupies 150 acres, carved out of a wholesale district and wholesale shipping zones for trucks, and will never be mistaken for the foot-only traffic of the markets Tony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern prowl in Southeast Asia (or for that matter, the foot-only traffic of The Flea). Cars drive right up to the shops they like and produce is offloaded directly into vans and the trunks of cars and trucks. After watching this behavior a while, my wife said, “It wasn’t anything like I expected it to be.” I’m sure she was expecting something more friendly to pedestrians.

A lot of the shops do not sell in small quantities. They want to sell a basket or a bushel, minimum. So it’s not a particularly good market for singles, small families, or someone on a budget. It is however, an eyeful, and worth a look if you’ve never been.

Atlanta State Farmer’s Market
16 Forest Pkwy,
Forest Park, GA 30297
(404) 675-1782