Korean tofu houses are very diet friendly, and Book Chang Dong Tofu House is no exception. The soups are largely meats, tofu, and vegetables. Banchan are largely (though not completely) free of sugars and starch. Starch is usually supplied through a bowl of rice. Much like a steak house, this separation of components of the meal makes it easy to eat and manage. This freedom, coupled with some intriguing “likes it” votes on Urban Spoon, led me to go with my daughter to Book Chang Dong Tofu House recently.

It’s in the Super H plaza in Duluth, on the left hand side of the ‘C’ shaped complex, as you’re facing Super H from Pleasant Hill Road. It’s good looking but unobtrusive. You have to get pretty close to the restaurant to read the little English sign to the right of the main sign, in Korean. Inside, a lot of wood. Tables have pretty wooden carvings, reminiscent of Japanese woodblock paintings. The tables have buzzers to call staff, and a glass topped box with metal spoons and chopsticks. The crowd is overwhelmingly Korean.

My daughter wasn’t in the mood for a soup, so she ended up getting spare ribs, or galbi. They had a special on baby octopus tofu soup, so that’s what I got. The banchan (side dishes) here include a  small fish. The banchan all were good to us. Service was very good, and the staff are very attentive to their customers.

My daughter liked her meat. The galbi wasn’t spicy, though she asked for it to be. I suspect if we were to become regular customers, she could get her food spiced the way she liked it. As for me, being able to eat the whole of my meal without worries was a delight. The creaminess of the tofu meshed well with the chewiness of the octopus, and the modest heat of the soup enhanced the mix of silky tofu and seafood.

Verdict: Fine place to get tofu soups, good service. Highly recommended.

Book Chang Dong Tofu House
2550 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 814-2299

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