Farm Burger’s motto appears to be simplicity. Take a good idea, and execute. Ignore the frills, go for the gusto. In this case the driving force is well sourced meat, locally grown, featuring as little processing as possible. The virtues of grass fed beef are becoming better known: cows fed a diet of corn have a relatively poor fat and nutrient profile, heavy in omega-6 fatty acids. Cows feed grass have a more diverse fat and nutrient profile. The butter in particular from pastured animals is superior.

Farm Burger is also a popular place (reviews here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), but for once, it’s a popular place within reasonable reach of Snellville. Of course, the mainstream critics and a whole 80 readers (in a greater metropolitan area of 5.5 million) are already bored of the phenomenon, of actually being forced to eat a locally sourced burger. Must be a hard life, being forced to eat excellent, healthy food.

I’ve been trying to go there a while, to get my family to go, but my wife has had a lingering illness for weeks. This time I had missed a meal to give blood to the physicians, was running low on calories and needing to eat. So of course the most sane solution was to dive down Clairmont Road and head into Decatur, and fix this hunger of mine.

Farm Burger is housed in the same building as Watershed, carved out of the same former gas station. I’d been to Watershed, and so this restaurant was going to be easy to find. Of course, the parking lot was packed. On a side street a couple blocks away, I found parking, and walked to the eatery.

Inside, there is a lot of wood, a lot of blue steel chairs, and a line in which you make your order. Seating is along the edge of the restaurant. There are numbered burgers and build your own. There seems to be a train of thought (Cliff Bostock, iirc) that a burger as subtle as this one shouldn’t be drowned in rich tasting extras. That was certainly also my approach when I bought a burger. Arugula, tomato, red onion, some jalapenos, a slice of swiss. I bought the large salad, a bit expensive at $7.00 but more accessible to a diabetic than fries.

I’m given a glass, I find a place to sit. No water, so I head up to the drinks and they’re taking away the water container. No problem, I’m told. “We’ll get you a bottle, take it to your table.” It wasn’t soon before I had this oversized milk bottle full of H2O. Yes, very impressed.

Soon after the salad and the burger came. The burger was mostly pink inside. I’d call it medium more than anything else. The texture of the meat was surprisingly smooth, almost creamy. I’d compare it to the Kobe burger at Summit’s, but it didn’t achieve this texture through huge amounts of fat. I suspect it’s the effect of being freshly ground. The effect is subtle, and those critics that said “don’t drown this burger in too much stuff” are dead on.

The salad was tender, at least 2 cups of greens, and pretty well covered in a dressing with bits of cheese in it. There were bits of onion, carrot and celery in it, and at least one garlic clove.

Other notes: I asked about the size of the burger and the amount of fat in it. I was told the burger was between 5.6 and 5.8 ounces in weight, and over 93% fat free.

Verdict: No frills. Excellent burger. Diabetic friendly. Staff rocks. Highly recommended.

Farm Burger
4108 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 378-5077

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