Relish is the sister restaurant to Fickle Pickle, and is found in Roswell at the corner of Mimosa Boulevard and Marietta Highway. Unfortunately, that’s not where Urbanspoon (via Google Maps) locates it, so it took two tries to actually find the place. You can get to the parking lot a couple different ways. The simplest is to turn onto Marietta Highway and turn right just beyond the building that houses Relish.

The outside is good looking, with plenty of windows and shades, and a lot of stone used in the construction of the building. Inside, this kind of cool classicism is maintained. Staff are dressed in black and are largely good looking and efficient. Napkins are large, black, made of cloth. Silverware is heavy and feels good in the hand.

Relish has a menu oriented towards modern interpretations of Southern classics, and as such has a lot of starches (grits, corn breads, peas, beans), a lot of fried foods, and is relatively unafraid of butter and sugars. That said, there is quite a bit  for a carb conscious dieter to eat here. It’s not the easiest place to eat on a diet though, and I missed not having someone to eat with here. I toyed with the idea of getting their hummus and their cornbread or their spicy pecans but decided against it. I ended up with their pickled green tomatoes and a trout salad.

Pickles are my friend these days, considered a freebie on my diet. So I ate them with some gusto after a nibble or two, savoring the mildness of the tomato and the tart of the vinegar. The salad was peppered with spicy pecans, so I did get to try these. I set most of these aside and ate what I could. There was some apple in the salad and plenty of trout. There was some dressing on the salad, though if the dressing had a component other than oil, it wasn’t very noticeable.

The pecans were good, but were dusted with a powder that had some sweet to it. I’d guess brown sugar, but wasn’t entirely certain. They had a very mild spiciness that would become noticeable after you ate a few. The greens were tender and welcome, the serving size pretty large. The trout was also good, and I have to admit having pangs about the time the meal was over. It would have been better with a partner, who could have ordered cornbread and hummus. Then I could have had some of the carbier side of Relish, without feeling compelled to eat more than would be good for me.

Verdict: Well respected Southern eatery in Roswell. Graceful and with very good food. Highly recommended.

590 Mimosa Boulevard
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 650-7877

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