Sushi Avenue in Snellville (I was doing take out from Sushi Avenue because my wife was ill) is going to be closed on Sundays starting next week.

Through June 12, 2010, you can receive a free hemoglobin A1c test at CVS Minute Clinics. They’ll check vital signs and do the blood test for you.  For those of you in Snellville, there is a CVS with a Minute Clinic roughly at the corner of Loganville Highway and Cooper Road. Head north on 78 to Cooper Road, hang a left and 5 minutes later you are there.

I went there this morning. They hadn’t received any supplies of test equipment at this time. The nurse there was suggesting they might have those supplies a couple days for now. So if this kind of thing interests you, you might want to call ahead and see if they have the supplies.