I’d been stalled in a series of weight losses for a while, for no particular reason, and then it began again, much like the middle of March.  I’ve been increasing the intensity of my walking, by using inclines, and over the weekend I took the opportunity to walk for longer distances. I’m curious about adding some dumbbell work to the exercises I do.

But the main burden of losing weight has been portion control. My eating is such that if I did no exercise at all, I’d be losing weight. The older you get and the harder it gets to maintain weight, the more seriously the task of losing weight becomes, and the more it shifts to eating the right amount of foods. A food journal is the essential means of achieving sustained weight loss. With a journal, an exchange diet makes it easy to eat the right amounts of food. If my morning weight is sustained, then I’ve lost some 36 pounds since I was hospitalized, and 52 pounds since my peak of last year.

A sample of my food journal


In an article on the site Health Recipes, Tony Venuto suggests eight kinds of lifting exercises that can be done with dumbbells. Since beginners like me wouldn’t even know what he is talking about, I’ve decided to illustrate these exercises with links from the ExRx site, which includes animations of dozens of exercises, showing how they should be done.

Tony Venuto’s beginner’s all dumbbell routine: