It’s survived a lot of hard times, this Red Lobster, and is still going strong when other restaurants nearby have died (Bennys, Houstons, Roadhouse Grill). My family and I came for dinner on a weekday, and I couldn’t find a parking space next to the eatery. I ended up parking in the abandoned Houston’s. The last time I came to this one was when my father visited for a couple hours. It was the closest safe good place we could think of at the time.

Red Lobster has always been pretty nice. In my less chronic years, I tended to load up on their biscuits and various carby appetizers, before going for a saucy flatfish or an exotic grilled entree. We really didn’t order an appetizer this time and went straight to entrees. I had grilled rainbow trout (half serving), my wife had their grilled half salmon, and my daughter had a special, tilapia cooked in a sauce that included soy.

I’m still getting used to the idea of telling my waiter I’m diabetic and then asking what might be good, but I did it here, and when salads arrived, my family had croutons on their salads and mine did not. Yes, small touches like that get noticed. Staff here is good, and it’s clear by the number of cars outside that people are willing to pay for it.

It’s a good restaurant. Food is very good, service is reliable and very good, the salads seemed a little small these days, as did the vegetable sides. My asparagus was a little overcooked to my tastes. I spent a fair amount of time rescuing my daughter’s leftover salad and picking the vegetables off other plates of food. But I suspect for most people it’s a safe choice, and is indeed much quieter than Bonefish.

Verdict: Good safe reliable chain. Recommended.

Red Lobster
4001 Hwy 78 W
Snellville, GA 30039
(770) 985-9336

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