Fazoli’s in Snellville, near Target, has closed. The sign is down and a FOR SALE sign is in the window. For a long time Fazoli’s was my go to place for something quick to eat before a movie.

My plants were pretty happy about the weekend rain. No, no more peppers seem to be coming back to life and I’m thinking I’ve got to raise a couple more boonies from seed. Just the way it goes.

I went to a Cuban-Peruvian restaurant twice over the past three days, Mambo’s Cafe. A review will be coming early this week. It’s good value, fairly priced for the amount of food you can get.

The maximum recommended dosage of omega-3 fatty acids is 3 grams a day (in the form of EPA/DHA; I believe it’s not as critical for ALA consumption). If you read the reasons usually listed, they seem confusing, so I’ll make it simple. Omega-3s are blood thinners. Take too much, and you thin the blood too much. I’ve seen it happen, when I was taking a blood sample for a glucose measurement after having had both a healthy dose of salmon in the evening and 3 fish tabs in the morning.