My wife’s reaction to finding out that Shoya Izakaya was not packed on weekday nights was to insist I take her there. We had tried before. Lines out the door kept us out. So back we went and she was very pleased with what she had and the food we ate. I tried a couple new dishes. Their house salad is a nice plate of greens, I enjoyed the spicy miso dressing and their grilled miso cod was quite good. The nabeyaki udon is a big bowl of food (my daughter got it) and my wife very much approved of the pork yakisoba she ate.

I didn’t take any pictures, but I have a left over picture from the previous engagement:

Spicy mushrooms, which ended up not very spicy.

To note, Books Japan, both stores, is closing. The last day will be Friday next week. Yes, there is 15% off everything in the store. We’ve been going to Books Japan for what seems like a decade now, and it’s sad to lose this institution. They’ve been losing Japanese business, and as they told me, they don’t expect Japanese business to be coming back. After all, the financial giant that dug Japan out of a decade long recession is its neighbor, China.